About Us

Oscar J Harper

An ex film camera user, transitioning to digital photography. I have had an active interest in photography for over 30 years. Starting with a simple Fujica SLR camera, I began taking photographs on film negatives and having the prints developed at local chemist shops.

Eventually, I was taught how to develop black and white film in a darkroom then create my own prints with an enlarger. This was a creative experience as I learned how to “dodge” and “burn” the prints to alter the contrast and exposure of selective areas of a photograph. (This can now easily be done digitally with Photoshop and Lightroom).

Later on, at university, I ran the photographic society and taught others how to develop film and produce black and white prints. This proved popular amongst the students and led to the first college photographic exhibition.

As time marched on I progressed from film cameras to digital (DSLR) and although the principles of photography didn’t really change there were some things to learn about the new medium. I have spent some time searching for and putting into practice, this advice, tips and knowledge. Along with my own, many years of experience, I have assimilated them all here and produced a collection of easy-to-follow original articles and guides. As time permits, I will add more information, in this one convenient place, to build a website that will become a useful resource for new and curious photographers.

You will find guides on the fundamentals of photography and also articles on many photographic techniques, gadgets and accessories.

The advice provided herein will often be in the form of illustrated guides with relevant photographic examples, bullet-pointed lists and diagrams. The locations used are usually, not very exotic or unattainable, often being in my local neighbourhood in London or sometimes on the coast of the UK.

Motion blur light trails photograph outside the BBC offices, Central London
Long Exposure Light Trails Outside The BBC Building, London – 30 Second Exposure
Dark brooding castle reflected in a muddy puddle
A Dark And Gloomy Castle Reflected in a Muddy Puddle, North London